Kiambu Gubernatorial Race ~ An analysis

  1. James Nyoro ~ Good brain but wrong work station. Excellent agricultural economist only that, Kiambu transitioned ages ago from agriculture to more complex and serious things like being a bedroom and that paradigm seems to have escaped him; at least if his modus operandi is anything to go by. Even the ‘free’ governorship handed to him never helped. Actually made things worse. Rockefeller Foundation and Kiambu are two completely different things. Yes he has the ideas but this is Kenyan siasa. Even the angle in which you place your glasses on your nose and the curvature of your lips matters. He might have won some hearts during his short tenure but again, his image must be reconfigured completely if he is to make sense.
  2. Ferdinand Clifford Ndungu Waititu Baba Yao ~ Interesting soul. Proverbial cat of nine lives. Wins when least expected. From his days as a councillor in Nairobi’s Eastlands, to Embakasi, to Kabete and then Kiambu, Waititu is a politician cherished by lady luck. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Lady luck decides to disappear one day and Clifford, the Punjab graduate is kaput. It happened in Nairobi in his 2013 gubernatorial bid and in Kiambu after he eventually became governor. Guy’s tenure was shorter than the length of his signature shirts which keep on begging him to get some navel piercing. His stint as county boss was as quick as a cock on a hen. One moment he is governor, next minute he is buying a ‘camera’ bwenye in downtown Nairobi. Currently silently trying to resurrect a now very old dream of being Kiambu CEO. Sadly, zero mojo, zero momentum, zero appeal. Perhaps he needs to join the next street riot in Banana town and throw a stone or two, that is if the people of Kiambu will buy that. His strategists have the hardest job on earth; if he has any.
  3. Wainaina Wa Jungle ~ Interesting bet. Quite some pace. Aggressive. Most dynamic. Lots of appeal. But again, politics and deception are twins. Politics are also very local. The hullaballoo hype of today might not translate to votes tomorrow. And then there is that small Tanga Tanga connection. Fact is, even if who you are, you dont just pop up and whitewash those who matter in Kiambu where it matters most. Even Clifford Waititu survived because he had that crucial endorsement and the day it failed to work, he became a motivational speaker; he still is.
  4. Kimani Wamatangi ~ Good and modest man. Very civil. Brilliant and logical. Epitome of gentleman-ship. Sadly, the face of indecisiveness which is catastrophic for a gubernatorial race especially when Kiambu is in question. If he is to have chances, his style of politicking must change completely. He must forget himself and become a real Kiambu politician. Hunting for votes in Witeithie requires more than smooth English and fitting suits. Otherwise, he has a long journey to travel.
  5. William Kabogo Gitau ~ Excellent history. From 2018 to 2020, Kiambu always yearned for his return. Locals would reminisce on the old days of Kaba Kabogo. But the nolstagia is fast fading away. The 2017 loss seems to have devastated Kabogo bigtime. The once vibrant and bulldozing buffalo whose mindset and modus operandi resonated so well with the naturally dominant people of Kabete Wa Karûri has mutated into a not~hot and not~cold turncoat, almost rivaling Kalonzo in his legendary watermelon identity. The Kabogo who deflated giant George Thuo back then now appears unable to decide even his own political direction. Disastrous! And then there is that party called Tujibebe. Ngai! The communication consultant who okayed that name should be hanged! 

As for the rest, they should perhaps consider adopting my ever successful plan … Ile ya kusimama kwako kwa bedroom, kwa kitanda … Ukianguka, unaangukia mtu ama unalala … Siasa waachane nayo kabisa! ….


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