TARI NDUÎKU: The mysterious new and bustling town where life never stops

It never used to exist just a few moons ago. Personally, I got to hear of it early this year, yet it is just less than 5 kilometres from my rural village home, where I was born and brought up. As far as I can remember, the place was mere farmlands and no one ever thought that, one day, a whole new town would spring up there.

Why and how it came to be, I don’t know yet. Where it got it’s unique name from is another whole research topic I am yet to fully explore.

Yet, today, no village conversation can happen without the mention of the now very popular town; for its fame reverberates far and wide, across all the ridges that surround it. From Rîagicherû to Kamunyange, from Ngucwî to Mûgambaciûra, any random villager you meet will confirm that, indeed, the unprecedented existence and boom of the town is a complete mystery.

The town has become such a sensation that, a while back, I got curious and decided to go see it myself and true to what I had heard, the place is a complete thesis topic for any serious urbanization scholar.

Folks, I am talking about a place called Tari Nduîku, a place where life never stops. Tari Nduîku loosely translated means a ‘torn slipper’.

An entry into the town and you can immediately feel the vibrance in the air.

For a town just a few years old, located in the middle of nowhere, the existence of storey buildings, a petrol station, all manner of butcheries, chemists, hardwares, eateries, 7 serious entertainment joints, etc etc is no mean fete. There is nothing you can’t get at Tari Nduîku. 

A bar in Tari Nduîku serves chilled drinks, canned beer and even has a live band performing, which is rare in these side of the universe. A goat butchery in Tari Nduîku sells at least two goats in a day while even in old town like Difathas, such doesn’t even exist in the first place.

The presence of huge crowds at any time of the day tells you there is real life there. You can literary see and feel money changing hands!

At Tari Nduîku, life never stops. Tari Nduîku knows no clock. It’s a 24 hour economy, literary! Whether you walk in at 9am or 2am, you will find it the same way; bustling and always on the move.

Of course, land prices here have instantly skyrocketed, with the prices moving upwards daily.

But perhaps even more interesting is how the entire security system of Tari Nduîku has established itself and gotten shape. Due to its location, its sudden existence, and the booming business, Tari Nduîku is technically disadvantaged security wise yet, it has succeeded to informally develop its own security measures making it one of the safest local towns I know. 

Perhaps, realizing the danger of existing in isolation, away from law enforcers, the people of the town appear to have informally innovated their own unique security system, which works so perfectly, and one which can form a perfect case study for those behind the almost defunct Nyumba Kumi Initiative.

At Tari Nduîku, security is people driven, with each local making it their responsibility, and instant justice applies automatically. You become a security nuisance and the next minute, you will be blazing in flames with a few litres of petrol added to hasten the process; na maisha inaendelea, na Mungu anabaki akiwa Mungu.

Yote tisa, Tari Nduîku has become an instant favourite for investors such as Yours Truly, Mr Chronicles Alvan Kinyua and that is how the new title ‘Duke of Tari Nduîkushire’ was recently born.

Linus Munene and Samuel Nyaga are my fellow investors in this new gem.

And that folks is the story of Tari Nduîku.