Of my schoolmates Waweru & Macharia and the Kenyatta – Ruto duel

Folks, we all know that, on our political front, the daggers have been drawn. I don’t need to explain that.

It’s no holds barred.

Personally, I am watching from the sidelines, tending to my small muguka farm, a position I took since the day TNA-URP Jubilee was declared an abusive marriage and divorce was called.

But from where I am at the farm, the Kenyatta – Ruto duel is an exact replica of a primary school story I so vividly remember. It is the story of Waweru the school bully and the ever harmless Macharia.

Throughout primary school, Macharia was a cool and composed guy by all standards. Everyone at Difathas Primary School admired his sobriety. It was technically impossible to find Macharia engaged in the usual brawls young boys are always into especially in rural village schools. Even if you insulted him, Macharia would simply warn you feebly and then walk away.

But that remained that way until when we were in class seven when the entire script changed. One day, we were playing that improvised polythene football at the school field after lunch. Then, out of the blues, Waweru, then a class eight pupil and the most feared bully engaged Macharia in a heated argument.

Even from a mere look of it, it was clear it was Waweru who was on the offensive, trying to provoke the ever humble Macharia.

And the squabble went on for some time, eventually gaining traction, with young boys gathering around as Waweru started hitting and pushing Macharia who in return tried to move away and escape, without returning a blow.

But hell broke loose when Waweru got even more rough and pushed Macharia to the ground and then reminded him that, he always forcibly ate all the mangoes Macharia carried to school, during the mango season, and fellow couldn’t do a thing.

Waweru had just mistaken humble Macharia for a weakling.

Instantly and insanely irked, Macharia got up, piercingly and bitterly stared at Waweru, a look never seen before in the school, gathered all the energy he could, and in a split second, gave Waweru two World Boxing Championship standard blows which not only left the fellow on the ground but also scampering for safety.

And from that day, Macharia did not just become the school hero but also, Waweru never bullied anyone else until he cleared class eight.

Fast forward 2020, while bullied and beaten to the ground, President Uhuru Kenyatta has just been reminded that 3 billion had to be paid, half cabinet and parastatals foregone, and billions of taxpayers cash lost as he was busy walking the socio-economic transformation journey he began in 2013.

Folks, just like Macharia, Kenyatta is damn annoyed; and very genuinely so. Subsequent events, as we have started seeing them unfold now, will best be reserved for historians and political science students!