TERMINATED AT HIS PRIME – Just #WhoMurderedKenei ?

Forever humble, easy-going and cheerful, Police Sergeant John Kipyegon Kenei was a man of his own kind. His golden character was the envy of many of his peers.

Kenei was a man who, at the tender age of 33, had his life trajectory well cut out.

Serving at the big office that is Harambee House Annex, and with great trust of the boss, Kenei had a bright future ahead, in service; and he always looked forward to it. 

Kenei lived in the future. Siring a kid, organizing a wedding and setting up a 3 bedroom house in his rural village home of Chemasisi, Lower Solai, Nakuru County, all depict a man who looked forward to settling down. 

Little did he know that sitting at the big table comes with its own risks and uncertainties; like the one he encountered on that fateful day when an assassin bullet abruptly cut short his story at Imara Daima, Nairobi. Once again, the vagaries of national duty had claimed another victim.

And as the lifeless body, of the officer who served with unmatched commitment, finally gets lowered into the grave this Saturday, and a gun salute fired, marking the end of a life so prematurely terminated, the questions will continue to linger.

Just who killed Sergeant Kenei and why?

Did it have to get this far? Was taking his life the only way? Did the killer(s) have to make a young wife a widow and a 10-day old kid an orphan? When will his family ever get justice?


Go well ndugu. Even if they all fail you, natural justice won’t; it will definitely take it’s course.