PART 2 OF 5: EXPOSED – Hunger, walk-to-work, depression and miscarriages rock MT Kenya TV

So folks, as the wise saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side; not until you get there and realize you were damn wrong. You realize you have jumped from the frying pan to the fire. This ancient wisdom is not more sensible to anyone else than it is for the employees of embattled Slopes Media Ltd which owns MT Kenya TV and Iganjo FM.

Today, barely 8 months after a grand launch full of pomp and colour, there is no employee, who left other media houses for the goodies dangled by Slopes Media, who does not regret that decision.


As I told you earlier, during their early days at Slopes Media, employees would be treated to great hospitality while at work. Breakfast and lunch were always available. Sadly, around the very same time salaries started disappearing is also the time the meals vanished. The very same employees who were no longer getting salaries were also denied food, a classic case of a double tragedy. Alongside pleading with their landlords not to lock down their houses, the employees have had to put up with no breakfast and no lunch then walk part of their daily journey to work. You can imagine a person who is hungry walking to work; totally unacceptable!

Of course, the results of this torture did not take long to manifest.

Not long ago, a groundsman, who my sources identified as Kiarie, collapsed while at work, apparently due to hunger. Alongside walking to work, the guy had not eaten for days. Kiarie had to have his life saved by being given a Fanta Orange to at least replenish sugar levels in his body!


You don’t need to be a psychologist to know that, hungry, intimidated and broke employees, who have not seen pay for months, are ultimate candidates for depression and emotional distress; the staff of MT Kenya TV and Iganjo FM are no exception.

Numerous cases of depression have been reported at the stations’ newsrooms. Even worse is the impact of this depression on female employees. According to my reliable sources, there have been about 9 miscarriages at Slopes Media, all attributed to stress! Some of these innocent ladies are currently under psychiatric care.

“My pregnancy could not survive any longer under the working conditions I was being subjected to. This miscarriage has left me with an emotional scar that will never heal,” one of the ladies narrated to me.


Whereas a good number of the employees have since left the Village Market based media house, the latest being Head of TV at MT Kenya TV, Macharia Wa Gachuru, who resigned yesterday, Tuesday 20th August 2019, some are still hanging on.

So, one may ask, why are some of these employees still sticking on? Why not just resign? The answer is rather simple. For those employees who have stuck on, it is simply surviving on hope. You will agree with me that, it’s a bit difficult for you to quit working for an employer who owes you four months’ salary especially when you have nowhere else to go to. Naturally, you tend to stick around, hoping that this employer will eventually settle your debt after which, you will tender your resignation the following day. These employees have thus hung onto this hope. How long this will last, only time will tell.


Even more unfortunate is the fact that, following PART ONE of my expose, instead of moving in to rectify the situation like any considerate employer would do, alongside threatening the staff with dire consequences for leaking information, the management resulted to unleashing a battalion of keyboard warriors to rubbish my revelations, a move that has failed terribly. The lack of coherence and consistency of message in the poorly coordinated responses by these micro-bloggers, clearly shows they were simply trying to conceal the truth. Just look at it this way:

  1. First, the bloggers came up with a narrative that the employees were not paid because they had not brought in any adverts. Now, this argument is not just baseless but also irritating. Nowhere in the contracts of the reporters, presenters, photographers, videographers, etc was it indicated that they were supposed to bring in adverts. That is the work of the marketing team which again has also not been paid their commissions. But at least, this argument confirmed what I had said earlier; employees were not being paid.
  • Secondly, another narrative arose that my expose was politically sponsored. This one is simply laughable and hopeless. Even the person they claim sponsored my stories, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru to be specific, is a person I have never met or worked with, in life. I challenge them to table evidence to the contrary.
  • Of course, quite some ‘warnings’ have come my way but again, we are not relenting in this war until justice is served.

In the upcoming PART, 3 of this expose, we are going to get into the details of the insult and intimidation guided management at Slopes Media, headed by a 21 year clueless and arrogant CEO whose main style of operation is insulting everyone. There is also the issue of statutory deductions and where they disappear to (at least for the months salaries were paid), possible tax evasion and more of the rot in the management.

To be continued ………

As earlier indicated, my sole goal is to help get justice for these employees. My pursuit for justice is by no means personal against anyone, including the Ngirici family, and should therefore never be personalized.