KEN OKOTH – The man whose last breath gave fresh impetus to the cancer war

In its entire history of existence, amidst all the inventions, innovations, breakthroughs and game-changing progress, humanity remains a slave of one phenomenon – life, its unfolding and its eventual termination.

All through, the puzzle of why and how the end of life turns out to be so tragic remains unsolved. This is especially so when the life in question is that of a young and promising soul whose very existence has had long lasting impact on those around him/her. At this point, amidst us accepting the will of The Almighty, the question still lingers – Why? Why? Why?

And this difficult moment is once again with us. One of Kenya’s best political and leadership brains is no longer with us.

After a long and well fought battle, Ken Okoth has succumbed to the most ruthless health monster of modern times – cancer.

What a loss this one is, not just to the people of Kibra constituency, which he selflessly represented, but also to the entire country and the world at large.

At the age of 41, Ken Okoth had achieved that which few are able to accomplish in their lifetime.

Throughout his stint in the August House, Ken distinguished himself as the ultimate embodiment of what future leadership of our great Republic ought to be. Ken introduced a unique transformation discourse never seen before in our politics. By his actions, Ken effortlessly taught us how to separate seasons of politics from seasons of work, something we are damn poor in.

When it was time to hunt for votes, Ken did so with unmatched zeal and determination – Yet, immediately elections were over, Ken automatically changed gears to what he was elected to do; serve.

Immediately elections were over, Ken embarked on the sole mission of giving his electorate value for their votes by transforming their lives in a way few other Kenyan MPs have been able to do.

The works of Ken needed no advertising – they are there for all to see.

Where there was no school, Ken built one. Where there was no hospital, Ken set up one. Where there was no school fees for kids, Ken sought to avail some. Where there was no hope, Ken simply brought it!

Ken was well on the path of completely changing the story of the ever neglected and negatively perceived Kibra.

Even more worth celebration is the fact that, even after that brief moment of frustration when he was diagnosed with cancer, Ken recollected himself and fought more than ever before. Even after doctors told Ken that his cancer was at an incurable stage, the man still put up what would sadly turn out to be the last battle of his lifetime.

For 11 months, until he breathe his last on the afternoon of Friday 26th July 2019, Ken not only slayed this monster with courage but also embarked on a serious cancer awareness campaign.

Yes, Ken might now be gone but his great legacy will surely immortalize him.

Future generations will definitely be told of this legend who gathered the courage to fight a war few get the confidence fight. They will be told of the man who gave our national conversation on cancer a fresh perspective. They will be told of the man who fought and partly triumphed against cancer.

Even cancer will one day die.

Go well Ken.