On Mr Chronicles and why I don’t attend church


For quite some time now, I have had an altercation with my close family members on matters regarding my religious faith….

Apparently, there are those who believe that attending church services is equivalent to being at peace with God…. And I have no problem with that… Maybe they are right….

All through, I have opted not to respond… I have remained silent on the issue…. I have not attended a Sunday service for quite a long time…..

But today, I will throw in a word or two and hopefully clear the air….

1. I am one liberal person who believes in viewing things differently…

2. Personally, I believe that matters faith are completely personal…. No one should ever compel another person to subscribe to a religion leave alone attend church service… Matters of the soul are very delicate and personal… When it comes to faith, every adult human being should always ensure he is where their soul is at peace….

3. Contrary to what many people think, I am notoriously religious and will strive remain so…. I believe and always strive to be at peace with God… I pray a lot…. I also read a lot and seek teachings and wisdom, not just from the Holy Bible but also the Koran and many other religious writings…. I have a Bible App on my phone…. I also subscribe to a lot of Kikuyu Traditional Religion teachings which Mwaniki Njogu calls Kiama….

4. Sometimes, limiting oneself to a certain religion ends up distorting one’s commitment to the Almighty… And that’s what I always avoid…

5. I remain a baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic…. I particularly like their tunes…. I have a whole playlist of Catholic songs on my phone….

6. When and if I feel like attending a church service, I will dutifully do so…

7. Ngûtûra theretie na menyereire ngoro yakwa, njetereire muoyo….

Enough said….. Mwathani agocwo… Tûmûkumie Yesu Kristû…. Allahu Akbar…. Thaaai….