Giving up is no option; open note to bro AGM Gakuru

Dear elder bro AGM Gakuru,

This is a personal note I write to you straight from The Chronicles Shrine, Nairobi City County, Kenya; a location less than 200m from yours…..

I pen down this from the deepest part of my heart…

In this note, I chose to do two things: Remind you why we still have to fight on and share a few truths and realities of life that all strong men, like you and me, must learn to live with…

Dear elder bro AGM,

Yours has been a journey ….A long journey for that matter….That I can confidently confess because I have known and been quite part of it….

I know way too well the far you have come… From our SONU days, to the 2013 campaigns, to the 2017 campaigns, to the Nyeri gubernatorial victory of the late Dr. Wahome Gakuru, to the tragic accident, to the months in hospital and now….

I have seen you travel the journey… Most memorable are three points in time:

1. When we did SONU politics together, restless and anxious about an uncertain future.

2. When after seven years of patience and resilience, Dr. Gakuru captured the Nyeri gubernatorial seat… When you would pass by the local, pay my bill, take a few minutes and chat as we projected the future and then disappear because heavy county duty awaited you the following day…..

3. When the accident came and things took a different turn…. When you braved months in hospital and still emerged strong…

Dear elder bro AGM,

You have always been a fighter…. You always are…. Your story inspires so many of us…. Your story inspires The Chronicles big time…

Personally, I tell your story and use it to inspire so many other people….
You cannot travel this far only for you to give up.

Dear elder bro AGM,

This world is a funny place… So funny so that, if you allow it, you will hit rock bottom… And there is little we can do about this because fate unfolds just it should and we have no control over that… Therefore, the best we can do is put our best foot forward… And fight… Fight because that’s the only way to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

Dear elder bro AGM,

There must be a reason God made you survive that accident…. A very serious one…. That is what you must seek to unravel by all means… And that is why you cannot give up…

Dear elder bro AGM,

Let me be now blatantly honest with you…. Let me speak my heart because that is what I always do and you know it…

Even if you wanted to give up, personally I will not allow you do that… I will stop you by all means… And why would I do that? Simple… Because I would like to be on the right side of history…. I am a beneficiary of your mentorship…. What will I tell son Muchiri, 20 years from now, if I allow you to give up when you are just about to get it right? What will I tell my own children when they ask me why I let my brother give up just when he was about to attain greatness?

Dear elder bro AGM,

We are thus going to walk this journey together to the end…. We are going to fight…. Fight by all means… We are going to try and try and try…

And as we try, we are going to take some time and relax, take things easy, enjoy a cup of thufu and let life unfold…. We are not going to let this life frustrate us… Instead, we are going to frustrate it’s frustrations….

Therefore elder bro AGM,

This is my plea to you…. That you know we are always there for you… That even all abandon you, personally, I, Mr Chronicles Alvan Kinyua, CGP is there for you…. For anything you need…

That’s a promise I make to you…. Kindly put my number on speed dial…

Finally elder bro AGM,

I dedicate to you my favourite piece of literature…. That which keeps me going…. It’s a 1927 poem written by American poet Maxx Ehrmann… It’s called ‘Desiderata’…. Look for it… Read it each day…. Don’t memorize it… Instead, understand it…. Internalize it…. And you will be good to go…

Cheer ndugu

Mr Chronicles Alvan Kinyua, CGP
The Chronicles Shrine, Nairobi City County, Kenya.
2nd August 2018