For the sake of my future generations, I will fight corruption

Many years from today, when the story of Mr. Chronicles Alvan Kinyua, C.G.P. finally gets chronicled, one of my biggest wishes is that, my future generations will not find themselves in a desperate situation where, they are ridiculed by those of the Ngiritas with that demeaning line: “Where was your great great grandfather when our great great grandma Ngirita was looting NYS?”

Instead, I want the reverse to be true so that, my future generations will ask those of the Ngiritas: “Where was your great great grandma when our great great grandpa Alvan was fighting corruption?”

I want my future generations to find a corruption free country where there are equal opportunities for all… I want them to find a society where corruption is a taboo…. I want them to find a place where those who practice honesty and virtue are rewarded while those who decide to enrich themselves with public resources are made to pay dearly for their greed.

And that’s why I will fight corruption to the end… We must eliminate this vice…. It can be done… It has been done elsewhere…. It can happen in Kenya too…