For me, it is Babu Owino any time

For two years, as a student leader, I served with Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino in the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU).

And for those two years, I got to know and understand the leader in Babu.

Before that, I also hated Babu like many people do.

But after serving with him, I knew the real Babu..

Babu Owino is that guy you would long to sit and converse with any day. Extremely brainy! (And too small & skinny too… He needs to invest more in food).

Hate him or like him, truth be told, Babu Owino is a rare brain.

Yes, at times, he goes to unacceptable extremes.

Sometimes, he over does things.

And at that point, I always call him and speak my mind.

But in it all, I don’t judge Babu because, this is Kenyan politics whose style, Wanjiku has already dictated.

Sometimes, Babu does stuff I don’t concur with but maybe, he does that for political survival. Maybe, he does that to please Wanjiku who has the absolute power to hire to fire.

But you will never be able to understand the real Babu Owino until you trace his story.

The story of an ordinary Kenyan’s son who has defied numerous odds to make progress. A story I identify with.

We may be in opposing political sides at the moment but I will vouch for Babu any day, any time.

I thus wish Babu all the best.