Hon. Martha Wangari has all the rights to divorce her husband

Mr Chronicles Alvan Kinyua, CGP does not know Gilgil MP Hon Martha Wangari in person. I have never met her. We are only friends in the Streets of Mukuru Kwa Zukambaga.

I also don’t know when, where or how Hon Wangari met her husband.

But I am sure about one thing: No one should stay in a relationship, leave alone marriage, which he/she is uncomfortable with. Whether a man or a woman. No one.

This life is too short to be unhappy folks.

I am that liberal who believes that, matters relationships are extremely delicate because they are emotional. When it comes to emotions, it is either working or not working. No two ways about it.

And by the way, the basis of divorce does not matter much. Whether it is abuse, neglect, violence or even because you have gotten richer and better of than your spouse and you now feel that the fellow is not your class anymore, it really doesn’t matter.

You are not comfortable living with someone anymore, just call it a day.

Otherwise, you try forcing a relationship that doesn’t work, you will live to regret it. You will simply remain unhappy and desolate for the rest of your life yet you just one life to live.

You deserve to be happy. Hon Martha Wangari deserves to be happy. Strive to be happy. You are child of the universe, no less than the birds and the trees. You deserve the best.

A friend of mine once told me, as long as you are enjoying the privilege of good health and you don’t have a court case (court cases are very devastating), you have no other reason to be unhappy.

One of my favourite French gospel musicians once sang and argued, “matua mangi (like divorce), mundu ndatuaga ni kwenda kwa ngoro yake kana kwagana” and, “ngoro ni muthungu iriaga kiria ikwenda” (Loosely translated, “some decisions you make in life are not as a result of your own wishes or being rogue” and “the heart is like a VIP, consumes what it desires”).

So yes, Hon Martha Wangari divorces her husband because she is no longer happy in that marriage, she has all the rights to do so.

And by the way, I would not hold a different opinion if it was my mum and dad in question. Everyone has their own life to live.