LAKE NAKURU HELICOPTER CRASH: What are we not being told?

Finally, six days after the fatal Lake Nakuru helicopter crash that claimed the life of my friend, fellow blogger and colleague Mapozi John, my mind is finally settling down and as that happens, I have started asking myself very many questions.

As sense and rationale finally overtake the emotions which initially crowded my entire self since last Saturday when I learnt of the unfortunate event, I am now asking myself:

1. How does a helicopter crash happen at 6AM and a rescue operation does not commence until 8 hours later?

2. Kenya has highly trained divers (trained with taxpayers money) in our Navy. They are allegedly stationed at Mombasa. How comes it took them a whooping 8 hours to travel from Mombasa to Nakuru when the lives of 5 young and promising Kenyans were at serious risk? Was it totally impossible to airlift the divers to Nakuru which would have taken just an hour or so?

3. How comes that in the entire Lake Nakuru National Park, with all its high end hotels and lodges, doesn’t have a single speedboat that could be used for the rescue operation?

4. How comes that during DAY ONE and DAY TWO of the rescue and recovery operation, no body could be traced and then all over sudden, two bodies are found on DAY THREE? DAY FOUR, the divers again find no other! What is the conspiracy here? Is there a script being followed?

5. Did we have to get the assistance of a mere rancher from the locality, to locate the exact location of the accident scene and if yes, why is the National Disaster Management Unit still sustained using millions of taxpayers money?

6. What exactly happened to the helicopter? Why did it crash? Is it so hard to trace the last moments of the helicopter’s passengers?

7. Now that the deceased pilot was alleged to have been drinking the entire night before the ill fated early morning flight, could there be deliberate attempts by the chopper owners to delay the rescue mission until a time when the recovered bodies have no trace of alcohol in the them; for insurance claim purposes? Remember that the chopper business is a highly capitalistic venture and to a pure capitalist, nothing comes before his money; even human life!

What are they not telling us?