SEE YOU LATER: A tribute to blogger Mapozi John

When I first received the sad news that a helicopter carrying my friend and colleague, Digital Strategist Mapozi John had disappeared into Lake Nakuru, in the early morning of Saturday 21st October 2017, amidst the confusion and sadness, a moment of introspection hit me.

For a few minutes, I sat there in my house, blank minded, thinking how cruel life could be.

Just like that, without notice, the curtains had unceremoniously fallen on one of the most prolific bloggers of our times.

I first met Mapozi one on one during the March 2016 Chapati Forum for Street Children held at Moi Avenue Primary School.

Since then, ours has grown into full blown friendship.

Soft spoken and humble, Mapozi is perhaps the most friendly souls I have ever come across in life.

A week or so before his demise, Mapozi called me and after the usual pleasantries of:

“Mapozi – Mr Chronicles

Yours Truly – Yes bwana digital strategist.

Mapozi – State protection

Yours Truly -The State of the nation is strong.”

We talked about a lot of nothing and then he concluded by saying, he cannot exactly remember why he had called me. He would call back when he recalled what it was supposed to be all about.

Unfortunately, that is the last I heard from Mapozi.

Ordinarily, we would engage in a long conversation with Mapozi,  about everything and nothing in the world of politics.

I will forever remain indebted to you bro courtesy of the fact that, 70% of the time, you are the one who called me.

I should have done better.

Mapozi has always been a blogger of interest.

His timely updates on the whereabouts and activities of President Kenyatta and DP William Ruto gradually made him a reliable source of presidential news over the years.

Mapozi John is the man who undoubtedly revolutionized government communication on Facebook.

He knew his thing and how exactly it should be done.

More importantly, Mapozi’s story is a perfect example of how much a man pursuing his passion can achieve.

A colleague once confessed to me that he had tried to rival Mapozi on his presidential events updates only for the guy to give up two weeks later.

Mapozi was too good.

And now that the streets of Mukuru Kwa Zukambaga will miss Mapozi John, maybe it’s time that we re-examined our place and role in society.

At just a tender age, the impact of a man who joined the world of politics with no surname or a godfather, is now being felt across board.

From State House Nairobi to his place of birth, Molo constituency, Kenya mourns him.


Because Mapozi dared to dream.

Mapozi did not imagine the future. He created it. He transformed our digital space in such a way, that we forgot there ever existed another way. He brought tomorrow, today.

Go well bro. See you later.