THE TRUTH: Raila Odinga’s foreign trip a desperate attempt to pull a ‘Baba While You Were Away’ stunt

NASA Presidential Candidate for the 26th October 2017 repeat polls, Raila Odinga is set to fly to the UK and the US later this week, allegedly to give lectures at some universities there.


Let me tell you the truth folks.

The main agenda of Raila flying out is not giving lectures.

No… Not at all….

That’s a sideshow.

The untold truth is that Raila is trying to pull a ‘Baba While You Were Away’ stunt where his return will be hyped and a rally done at Uhuru Park to try and create an euphoria. He is trying to do what Kibaki did in 2002 when he was coming back from hospital.

Technically, that will be the only serious campaign rally Raila will have done since the Supreme Court ruling which nullified President Kenyatta’s win of 8/8/2017.

It is a last minute tactic to salvage his crippled campaigns which have been suffering serious financial problems after sponsors withdrew their funding. That’s why Raila is yet to hit the campaign trail barely two weeks to the polls.

Unfortunately, this strategy, which is a copy and paste of Kibaki’s 2002 stunt, will most likely fail simply because, in the world of politics, no strategy works twice. Just one.

Mark this post. You might need to refer to it later.