EXCLUSIVE: Raila’s last election sabotage bid ahead of October 26th

The repeat presidential poll scheduled for October 26th is as unprecedented as it is crucial in the development of electoral laws in Kenya. In three short weeks, Kenyans will exercise their democratic right yet again through the ballot box. But even as Kenyans prepare to do so, it is imperative that we carefully analyse why NASA is hell bent on erecting every manner of roadblocks to undermine voting come October 26th.

First, as many a political pundit has proclaimed, the NASA brigade is completely awake to the fact that in a democratic contest where numbers are the currency of victory the Opposition stands no chance in hell to win. Thus the reason for endless excuses and absurd claims against IEBC! The tragedy for NASA right now is that most of the monkey business the party had negotiated with the IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati has been exposed. NASA is now a naked dancer. Its secret weapons are no longer secret.

However, be that as it may, NASA is out to stage the final stunt in its desperate attempt to condemn and then delegitimize the forthcoming October 26th repeat presidential poll. Word from very reliable sources is that cornered Raila now wants to walk out of the impeding presidential race in the pretext that there are conditions critical to his imagined victory that he was denied by IEBC as demanded. That NASA’s (and Raila’s by extension) draconian action proposed against IEBC has not been heeded will be the grand excuse for Raila to bow out of the October 26th repeat presidential race.

So wait until October 23rd (latest 24th) and wait for Africa’s most toxic opposition maverick to pull the “surprise” on his competitor largely to alarm the international community to seek his inclusion in a ragtag Mseto Government where he would obviously be the thorn-in-chief from day one as he now hopes against hope to be. If this does not work, the man will pout, walk out and, as usual, plot all manner of wretched schemes to unseat the Government of the day. This is the only way NASA can assuage its followers and avoid imminent showdown and shame that will no doubt come calling on October 26th.

Kenyans be forewarned and mark these words!