Develop a thicker skin if you want to be a better judge – Itumbi to Justice Isaac Lenaola

While responding to a complaint filed against him by Supreme Court of Kenya Judge Isaac Lenaola, Senior Director Digital, New Media and Diaspora Communications at The Presidency Dennis Itumbi argues that, the historical decision of SCORK in the Raila Odinga case shall continue to attract both positive and negative response, from Kenyans of all walks of life; including unprintable words analogous and similar to the public denigration and condemnation displayed by Larry Flynt in the proceedings of Keeton v. Hustler Magazine.

“Your client ought to be thick skinned enough to accommodate others’ right to have unflattering opinion of him in his public duty,” argues Itumbi.

Larry Flynt, an American publisher, during a Supreme Court hearing of an appeal of Keeton v. Hustler Magazine,1984, became agitated and shouted at the justices that they were “eight assholes and a token cunt.”

Flynt also used his wealth in an attempt to expose the hypocrisy he believed existed among those pursuing the impeachment of President Clinton.

Justice Lenaola wants Itumbi prosecuted for alleged defamatory and false information the State Blogger published against him in his controversial #WakoraNetwork tweets and Facebook posts following the Supreme Court judgement that nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win during the 8th August 2017 polls.