NG’ENO: What’s becoming of the Mudavadi we thought we knew?

Guest blog post…..

By Eric Ng’eno

The last two campaigns uncovered a truly horrifying phenomenon: the rapid deterioration of Musalia Mudavadi from an ordinary, if colourless politician into a reckless, habitual liar.

From harmlessly claiming credit for political monikers and slogans, Mudavadi progressed into wild allegations of agreement to share or cede prospective candidature.

However it is in NASA where Mudavadi has become the purveyor of choice for the wildest and most alarming falsehoods. Without regard for plausibility, probability and believability, Mudavadi has energetically plied the world with shameless figments of the most outlandish order, causing widespread concern about his welfare. To put it mildly, Mudavadi has totally wrecked whatever credibility he had left and allowed his name to be wasted in aid of a divisive and destructive agenda.

He has implausibly traversed the universe of propaganda and spin, and made a dubious home in the twilight of fake news and the frontiers of sanity.

Apart from marvelling at the stupendous lies Mudavadi has proved capable of serially surpassing time after time, the reflective observer must also wonder what’s becoming of the Mudavadi we thought we knew.

Eric Ng’eno is the Senior Director, Speech Writing and Messaging at The Presidency