Martha Karua, James Orengo grabbed poor people’s land in Kirinyaga

Through out her campaigns, former Gichugu MP and now Kirinyaga gubernatorial aspirant, Martha Karua has boasted of how she served for 20 years as a legislator and later as a Cabinet Minister without any trace of graft.

But contrary to Karua’s assertions, I can now confidently report that the former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister illegally acquired 60 acres of prime land in the controversial South Ngariama Scheme during her stint in the Grand Coalition government.

According to evidence in my possession, Karua also facilitated the allocation of 100 acres to her cabinet colleague and then Lands Minister James Orengo in South Ngariama; the land that has cost tens of lives of locals and which was initially meant for the landless in the county.

In simpler terms, Orengo owns a damn 100 acres of illegally acquired land, less than 10KM from my rural village home of Difathas, Kirinyaga County.

Wasn’t South Ngariama meant for the settlement of the landless?

I weep for Kirinyaga!