An open letter to President Kenyatta from Gusiiland – 2017

Guest blog post (Writer’s identity withheld)


Mr. President!

Hope this finds you well, bwana Kenyatta. For close to 9 years, we’ve waited for what Ken Walibora could have called ‘Siku Njema.’ A day when it will reach the ears of government that our Gusii kinsmen suffered and did bear the full wrath of Post-Election Violence. It never came and we never knew why.

It took your visit to our Gusiiland to understand the reasons for delay. First, the grand coalition government under Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo failed to compensate our people. We should hear none speak about the issue-unless hypocrisy has been over-licensed!

They were in government. Governments are not supposed to enumerate problems but rather offer solutions. It cannot be sensible for Raila and Kalonzo to stick to problems while in Opposition and be enumerators of even more problems while in government. Their lane is problem identification and salting every situation in the pot of political expedience. A listening government is better than a complaining government. We now know whose government heard our people’s cry and suffering.

Thank you for recognising the acts of generosity of the Gusii people. This was shown by the fact that they ensured their brothers and sisters do not suffer cold nights in camps when they could be integrated back to society. And in the same vein of generosity, the members of the community touched by good acts definitely reciprocate. The hand you have stretched to reach out to the vulnerable in our community will not be withdrawn without even a handshake-you will get more.

We, concerned members of the Gusii Community believe in the Igbo saying, similar to ours, that the: the sun will shine on those who stand before it shines on those who kneel under them. Yes, our Gusii IDPs and other integrated IDPs (in Meru, Nyandarua, Vihiga, Kakamega, Kisumu, Migori) were in a bad situation but our fellow Kenyans in the ugly white tents were in a worse situation.

Yes, late it has come. However, when others were in power it was a ‘NEVER’ situation. Our people got nothing. There was wisdom in the saying: better late than never! Those who never remembered us when they were in power should not pretend to be concerned about our people when they are in the cold.

The amount to be shared has been a subject of discussion by members of the opposition. As the father of the nation you have taught us, in the spirit of democracy to respect every Kenyan’s view-for it matters. On this, no integrated IDP has complained and it is our pleasure to let you know that it is a case of a mourner mourning more than the bereaved. Yes, our people wished for more but remembering the long they had to wait, the distance the grand coalition kept away from our Gusii IDPs, our people have chosen to look at the glass as half-full rather than as half-empty.

You dared to step into our humble mud huts and inquire whether our elderly fathers and mothers receive the Inua Jamii cash transfer program funds. We have seen ‘them’ in four places: TV, by the roadside, rallies and in funerals!
By these acts, you washed your hands-dine with us.

Welcome again to Kisii and Nyamira


Concerned Gusiiland Resident!

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