State honours doing more harm than good, scrap them

December 17, 2017 0

Guest blog post By Wachira Maina  President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to confer national honours to State House layabouts, political hucksters and unknown underachievers debases the honour system and squanders the prestige of the presidency. A […]

WA IRIA: The Libyan horror story needs to end now

December 8, 2017 0

Guest blog post By Mwangi Wa Iria The recent occurrences in Libya are not just disgusting but utterly dehumanizing. Whilst the Africa thinks it has made tremendous progress against black enslavement, slave trade in its […]

Will I ever marry????….

November 11, 2017 0

Guest blog post By Onguso Ochengo A beard on the chin and the height of a camel, candles blown, cakes and ales feasted upon-all courtesy of my born day and old I turn. Grandma curses, […]

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