Why Martha Karua’s governorship is a disaster for Kirinyaga

To begin with, I have no personal vendetta against Hon. Martha Karua. I respect her a lot.

Over the years, Karua has distinguished herself as a charismatic and no nonsense leader; defying all the odds to set new records.

Hon Karua is not just a revered Kenyan politician; she is a former long-standing member of parliament for Gichugu Constituency and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

A second born in a family of eight siblings, Karua studied law at The University of Nairobi and later served the nation in various capacities which include her tenure as a magistrate (1981-1987) and later her long standing career in private practice (1987-2002).

In 1992, Karua made history by becoming the first woman lawyer to be popularly elected to Parliament. That was no mean feat.

Karua was also a powerful force in both the first and the second terms of former President Kibaki’s administration.

But unknown to many, beneath the seemingly admirable politician that Karua pretends to be is a ruthless, callous and selfish woman who can go to any length to fulfill her dreams.

Karua’s story in and out of the corridors of power tells it all.

To begin with, Karua’s 20 years as Gichugu MP are the best example of how much a Kenyan politician can tolerate and embrace autocracy, underdevelopment and nepotism.

To date, women in Gichugu still go for distances to fetch water for their families despite the constituency’s proximity to water sources and electricity has remained a distant dream were it not for the Last Mile Connectivity Project initiated by the Jubilee government. By the way, Karua was once a Minister for Water!

Secondly, Gichugu residents read about good tarmac roads in the print media. Even the most important road in the constituency, Kutus – Kianyaga road, has been a nightmare to motorists for ages. Its potholes are a case study for civil engineers!

And to cap it all, even when Karua decided to do a tarmac road in her home constituency, she only did the Rukenya – Kimunye road with the sole agenda being having the tarmac get to her rural village home of Kimunye. How selfish!

Even worse, Karua’s tenure as Gichugu MP saw nepotism run the show with the so called iron lady forcefully placing her relatives and cronies in strategic places to run everything. For example, how many of her family members did she uplift to undeserving positions? Why did she force the appointment of her crony as an assistant chief in Kanjuu sub-location and later chief? By the way, the fellow was later suspended earlier this year after it was revealed that he was part of the provincial administration tolerating illicit brews.

Over to even more controversial stuff, what was Karua’s role in the sub-division of the ever contested 28, 000 South Ngariama Ranching Scheme? How many acres does she have there? Remember, that piece was supposed to be given to the landless in Kirinyaga. Is Karua landless?

And now that her marriage collapsed ages ago, could Karua honestly tell us why she was in Catholic priest Fr. Dominic Wamugunda’s car at the middle of the night? What business was being transacted?

To cap it all, Karua is alleged to have been bribed to the tune of $50,000 by the British American Tobacco (BAT) to stop action against cigarette smuggling. Can she shed more light on this?

Surely, is this the kind of governor the people of Kirinyaga deserve?


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