From Makerere to London and back to Makerere; Mwai Kibaki the academician

Mwai Kibaki joined Makerere to study Economics, History and Political Science soon after his high school education at Mang’u.

Again, at Makerere, Kibaki excelled eventually graduating top of his class in 1955 with a First Class Honours. To date, Kibaki is praised as Makerere’s most  illustrious and outstanding alumnus with a $50m (about Shs 138 billion) Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library set to be established at the university.

After his graduation, Kibaki briefly took up an appointment as Assistant Sales Manager Shell Company of East Africa, Uganda Division, but later left the job after he earned a scholarship entitling him to postgraduate studies in any British University. He consequently enrolled at the prestigious London School of Economics for a B.Sc. in public finance, graduating with a distinction.

After graduating in London, Kibaki went back to Makerere where he taught as an Assistant Lecturer in the Economics Department between 1958 and 1960.

Kibaki married Lucy Muthoni, an Alliance High School educated church minister’s daughter in 1961 after a two-year romance.

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