The Kibaki you don’t know

One of the most fundamental questions Kenyans born after the infamous 1982 coup will ask a political analyst is; why is Former President H.E. Mwai Kibaki such an enigma in Kenyan politics yet the best they can remember about him is a seemingly tired, laid back and incoherent man who appears to possess little if any charisma, at least if his days as the Third President of The Republic of Kenya are anything to go by? Just how did this guy become president?

Well, unknown to this generation is the fact that, long before the historic 2002 general elections that ushered in the man from Nyeri as Head of State and Commander in Chief, there has always existed a vibrant, charismatic and charming Mwai Kibaki who bestrode the Kenyan political scene like a colossus for decades.

On this note therefore, beginning today, I will be using this space to help the younger generation understand who exactly Mwai Kibaki is.

By serializing the untold Kibaki story, I seek to help our youths understand why the one time Makerere University don is one of the most astute politicians of our times.

Check out my next piece, the first of many posts chronicling‪ #‎TheKibakiYouDontKnow‬

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