An open letter to economist David Ndii


As Kenyans, we are living in dangerous times. There is every reason to be afraid of the future.

Personally, I have one big worry; I fear for this country when propaganda is taken to whole new levels so that, even the few intellectuals we have remaining get fast swallowed into the fray.

When rare brains like Managing Director of African Economics, renowned economist David Ndii abandon their calling of being part of the intelligentsia – those few individuals upon whom fate has bestowed the noble assignment of generating rational and sober ideas on behalf of the nation – and instead join that small and dangerous clique whose sole preoccupation is propagation of unconstructive shenanigans and sideshows, then you know things are not okay. The centre is not holding anymore and as a result, we are no longer at ease.  At this rate, things may soon fall apart.

The kind of misinformation Ndii is churning out each week through his column on the Nation newspaper leaves me wondering whether this is the same man whose works I used to passionately devour back then when I was still a budding writer.

The latest from him – which also happens to be the worst of his works I have come across so far –  is a piece running under the title “Eurobond billions: The anatomy of a grand heist” in which Ndii has failed terribly in his attempts to dissect the much hyped yet non-existent Eurobond ‘saga.’ The argument is shallow, the facts and figures are cooked up and the whole story qualifies for a script in a Hollywood movie series.

The Ndii of today seems to have effectively substituted the intellectualism he previously exhibited with something else that I am yet to find a definition for. Modern day Ndii is a shell of former self.

In fact, the only area he seems to now be excelling in is using complex economic terminologies and concepts to confuse his readers; even some of the fresh economics graduates we have may not fully comprehend some of these concepts. Sadly, innocent Kenyans – most of who have never been to an Introduction to Economics class – seem to be falling for his well choreographed spin. Readers believe the guy is squarely dissecting issues. I think he is not.

In my own observation, the current Ndii exhibits all the characteristics of a gun for hire contracted by people I am yet to unravel with the sole purpose of propagating a certain school of thought. The gist of his pieces is quite clear.

On this basis therefore and as a man who relishes intellectualism, I have simple advice for Mr. Ndii. Sir it is very unfortunate that you have decided to venture into very dangerous and murky waters where you are not likely to survive for long. Politically instigated brouhaha is not your calling; it shall never be.

If you doubt the truth of this statement, ask Dr Mukhisa Kituyi the current Secretary General of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. At one point, he also made a similar blunder and the rest history. Luckily for him, he realized his mistake early enough and decided to retract his steps back to where he belonged; the world of intellectualism. Today, he is flying high as a trade expert.

Please, with all due respect Mr. Ndii, kindly go back to intellectualism. That is exactly where you belong. You will be able to serve this country better – as you have always done – for the sake of present and future generations.

As a matter of fact, we need you there. Kenya needs you there. Africa needs you there. The world needs you there. Leave political economics propaganda to those were born for that.

I comment on topical issues. The views expressed here are my own and do not by any means reflect those of any institution in which I may be currently serving.

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  1. Sir, can you tell us what project eurobond funded. We dont want to listen to your jargon. Kenyans are not that stupid as you think and this something you can not spin. Give us the list of projects which was funded by euronond and if you can’t then better shut up.

  2. Sir, am not calling you sir because you deserve it you dont. You are trying to dispute what ndii wrote but you have not counted it with facts. You are either tribe blinded or you are s benafisary of eurobind if Kenya was china you will be shot unfortunately we dont have that law in Kenya but honestly you can not be swimming in millions when kenyanyans are dying of hunger. Kikuyus, Luios giriamas,luhuyias kipisigis and all tribes will feel it.Dont write the crap you are writing just to protect what you are getting its better you dont post anything

  3. Kinyua we are not kids or primitive. How dare you dismissed Eurobond saga as non existent and chiding Mr. Indii to join in denial. Please you Kikuyus stop taking other Kenyans for granted it’s not fair . The money involved here is almost a budget of two counties, enough money to build mega Railway system from Mombasa to Kinshasa.. Stop playing around and stop sugar coating for Uhuru because he is of your kinsma, Gema community. You guys have decided to break Kenya make Kenya like any other countries where is law ness but 2017 you stand to be defeated for good..

  4. sadly, you called him propagandist but there is nothing “economic ” that you’ve written or projects funded by the 285b eurobond proceeds. open letter without content. shame.

  5. Now this is the real meaning of hullabaloo. Write about the Eurobond, not Ndii.
    Every intellectual is interested in deciphering what became of the eurobond, and you’d gain relevance by focusing on exactly that!
    Facts please. We’d rather debate on facts’ credibility, as opposed to Ndii being right or otherwise.
    I repeat, facts please.

  6. Mr Alvan, you are a disgrace to intellectualism. Tell us which points you are relying on to dismiss or condemn Dr Ndii. Your article is at best empty. Not even a single point to support your claims. If someone is paying you as a propagandist, that money can be put to better use.

  7. People are getting emotional over nothing.I agree there is a problem and therefore all of us stand to lose if the propaganda in connection with eurobond is true.Its no longer an issue of kikuyu,kalenjin or whatever tribe, but what is actually right for the people of kenya.If anybody misused the money,let him or her take the cross.What this country needs is good leadership which starts from the family level way back before politics.As a qualified young economists too fear for the fate of my country but still think that the many projects that are currently underway will benefit the kenyan people in the future.We are better than in the previous regimes

    • All should stand as one to demand the truth about the Eurobond money unaccounted for. It is depressing to a group from a community trying their level to justify corruption because it’s world wide phenominent or all Kenyans are involved therefore it shouldn’t bring emotions in others. The who ascribe to these views are kidding Kenyans, what we are demanding shouldn’t be termed as emotion driven reaction but the truth to bring Kenya a country down. It is affecting 99% of Kenyans population, we urge those who think that this is a wich hunt or vendetta against the ruling cligue, should reconsider their views, this is taxpayer money, a debt which needs to be paid with interest accruing

  8. This opinion piece is just that; An opinion piece, and it lacks any substantive rebuttals to Ndii’s well-researched and detailed questions about the missing monies. He is just offering an opinion of what he thinks about the Ndii’s article…….and you know what they say about opinions and a certain part of the human anatomy.
    For those of us who want to know why we are paying interest for monies that have not been fully accounted for, and who do not buy into the now-familiar “clerical errors” narrative (Uhuru used it too), this article was a piece of opinionated, factless garbage.

  9. Kinyua,am not amazed by your open letter to Ndii.I did not find any substance in it apart from threats and what have you.When you threaten Ndii to an extent of even mentioning Hon Dr Kituyi you leave me perplexed.What does Kituyi got to do with Ndii’s analysis of the euro bond.And you claim to be an interlectual who is ashamed of Ndii’s interlectualism.Infact if indeed you are an interlectual dependind on what kind of interlectual you are,then you are a total disgrace to interlectualism.You seem to suffer from tribal amnesia.Try and emancipate yourself from tribal slavery and look at the Euro Bond issue at a broader perspective.The euro bond saga affects the common mwananchi,their children and grandchildren.These are loans we will pay through our noses for 10 years or more.And all you do is to tell us how Hon.Dr.Kituyi backtracked and come back to the fold and how he is enjoying globe trotting all over the World.So your advice to Ndii is ‘see no evil,hear no evil’.Come back to planet earth and assist Ndii to unravel this Euro Bond saga instead of those baseless threats because when paying back the euro bond loan through our hard earned cash in the name of abnormal taxes on essential commodities being sanctioned on ordinary Kenyans,you wont be exempted my friend.Stand up and be counted.Stop thinking on tribal lines or party sycophancy coz at the end of the day it’s you,i and other ordinary Kenyans that will bear the burden of paying back the loan on behalf of those looting from the coffers kitty.

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