Why Edward Lowassa might have won but is tactically being denied victory


  1. As per results released by the evening of Tuesday 27th October 2015, CCM candidate John Pombe Maghufuli had garnered 1.9 million votes while CHADEMA presidential flag bearer Edward Lowassa had 1.3m. The difference was only 700 000 votes which is not much considering that only 25% of the results had been released.
  2. The Tanzania National Electoral commission (NEC) has been selective in the manner in which they release the results. Most of the results released so far are from Magufuli’s strongholds. Even where they have released results from Lowassa’s strongholds, it is from the sparsely populated areas.Whereas this might not make sense tothe lay man, I perceive it differently. In my opinion, I believe that the CCM machinery in collaboration with the NEC and the powers that be are tactically trying to create the impression that Magufuli is leading by a big margin. Once everybody has given up on the Lowassa, they go ahead to cook the results of the remaining areas. At that time, no one will believe Lowassa no matter how much he will complain. It is a well crafted mind game.
  3. Zanzibar elections drama. It all began with the CHADEMA candidate in Zanzibar declaring himself winner. My crystal ball tells me that he must have actually acted out of fear after he realised he had won and his victory was about to be snatched away. Thereafter and in interesting turn of events, all the results of the Zanzibar elections have been cancelled. Reason?……………………..
  4. International observer missions have already started discrediting the polls with European Union Electoral Observer Mission Judith Sargentin saying there was inadequate transparency from the election administration.
  5. And many other dots that don’t connect……………….

Opposition Presidential Candidate Edward Lowassa has already has already officially disputed the results of the presidential elections. All in all, may peace and the will of the Tanzanian people prevail on Tanzania.

Alvan Kinyua is a Kenyan communications enthusiast, digital strategist&blogger, socio-political analyst and avid writer. He comments on topical issues. the views expressed here are his own.

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