Was NIS Officer Antony Kimathi eliminated?

A cloud of frustration, anger and grief continues to engulf Luluma Rwaene – one of the many sleeping and forgotten villages in Maua, Meru County – where residents are yet to come into terms with the untimely death of one of their finest sons, NIS Officer Antony Kimanthi.

The 29 year old former Recce squad officer was allegedly killed by a mob in Nairobi’s Donholm Estate on 2nd August 2015 in a case mistaken identity.

But the story has taken an interesting twist following claims by the family that indeed, there was a preplanned plot to eliminate the officer.

According to family spokesman Kimani Munjuri, several links point out to a well choreographed conspiracy to have the ambitious and talented officer dead.

The family wonders how police officers would disarm a man and leave him at the mercy of a crowd rather than arrest him.

In addition, the family suspects that the officer could have been shot. Otherwise, how could a man of such training – having been a Recce officer before – go down so easily without a fight?

The family says it is also in possession of photos from the scene showing that at the time Mr Kimathi floored the person who had snatched a gun from him, there was no crowd at the scene.They are thus demanding an explanation as to where the crowd came from and the alleged role of policemen at the scene.

Moreover, they want a second post-mortem conducted to show if there are other injuries on his body.

The story has further raised eyebrows considering that Police Inspector General Joseph Boinnet has remained mum over the issue and the fact that Mr Kimathi was previously involved in a rescue operation at the Westgate shopping mall during his stint at the Recce squad.

The officer is due to be buried in Meru later this week on Friday 14th 2015.


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