An open letter to Devolution and Planning CS Anne Waiguru

Dear madam CS,
Receive greetings. I would like to be brief and straight to the point. I write to you as a youth, a political analyst, a friend of development and finally as a proud son of Kirinyaga county where you hail from.
As a youth
Madam Waziri, it would be hypocritical and insincere if I don’t begin by saluting you on behalf of the rest of Kenyan youths. Your two year stint at the devolution Ministry has marked a major milestone in the economic, social and political emancipation of our youth. Through the ambitious NYS restructuring programme, thousands of youths have been able to join a service whose recent engagements remain exemplary. Gradually and systematically, the NYS transformation is changing one youth at a time. The revolution you have started will be felt many years to come.
It was thus very disturbing to watch hired goons raze down some of the NYS initiated facilities in Kibera last week. This is especially so considering that thousands of other Kenyans in slums across the country yearn for the similar services yet they can’t get them. Therefore Madam Waziri, my sincere request is; can similar programmes be rolled out to the numerous sleeping and forgotten villages across the nation where poor sanitation and inadequate basic facilities remain a reality?
In addition, the youth enterprise fund and the Uwezo fund still remain too little for us. We need more funds to facilitate entrepreneurship development.
As a political analyst
Madam Waziri, you being a political appointee automatically renders you prone to politically instigated attacks from time to time. I hope the NYS debacle and consequent happenings in Kibera have taught you a crucial lesson on how to manage a political office politically. Actually, I had started wondering why you are so immune to such shenanigans considering the magnitude of revolutionary projects you have started – many of which are politically wrong to the masters of impunity and dangerous cartels that exist in our political system.
When you embarked on emancipating Kibera, you immediately cut off the political lifeline of some people we all know. These masters of exploitation have intentionally maintained the poverty of Kibera for their own political advantage. Therefore your projects could never have gone down well with them. Otherwise, why haven’t the people of Mathare, Kiandutu and other slums being upgraded not burnt the new toilets and health centre there if the Kibera arson was not politically instigated?
However, I must applaud the team that works for you because the manner in which they are clearing up the mess is commendable.
My advice is simple. Stand strong. Beware of the numerous cartels that exist in and around government. Know how to handle them. Keep fighting for if you don’t, history will judge you very harshly. In this, I propose you read and re-read the 48 Laws of Power and The Art of War. Above all, seek wisdom that comes from above.
As a friend of democracy & development
Madam Waziri, the Kibaki administration set the development ball rolling. The Jubilee administration has taken the efforts a notch higher. You remain at the centre of several Jubilee flagship projects. You must fight to keep Huduma Centres alive, Uwezo and Youth Funds functional, NYS restructuring long term and Slum Upgrade programme sustainable. When the chronicles of the Jubilee administration will be penned down, you will definitely feature dominantly. Make sure that you will be on the positive side of the story.
As a proud son of Kirinyaga County where you hail from
Madam Waziri, this letter would be incomplete if I failed to notify you of the wishes of the people of your motherland –Kirinyaga County. As a youth born and bred in Kirinyaga – having spent my first 20 years there – I feel obliged to pass this crucial message on behalf of the rest of my fellow county men and women.
That since the thanksgiving ceremony at your home in Gichugu, you have automatically turned into a hero. Your presence is being felt now more than ever before. There is a growing feeling that once you are done with assignments at the national level it would be most honourable to come back and serve your people too. If anything charity begins at home.
This is especially so considering that Kirinyaga County has remained a mere spectator as devolution takes root in other counties. The concept of devolved resources to enhance development at the grassroots has remained rocket science to the current county government.
In conclusion, since you are a Cabinet Secretary in a digital government then I hope that this letter done and transmitted digitally is already at your desk!

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