DPP arrest this man!

For weeks now, Kenyans have been treated to accusations and counter accusations over what is turning out to be one of the biggest scandals of recent times – the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital scam. It has been a war of words between the CORD coalition and the Jubilee administration over whether it is Raila Odinga or DP William Ruto who is responsible for the mega scandal.
But more interestingly is the manner in which the scandal has managed to thrust into public limelight one of the most established merchants of modern day graft – Herbert Ojwang.
The man who Kenyans knew little of before the current happenings is turning out to be a cunning schemer with an insatiable appetite for bribes and kickbacks.
Emerging details have exposed a man who should have been arrested, charged and left to rot in Kamiti long time ago. An insight into his past reveals a guy haunted by a destructive love for kickbacks as seen during his stint in various government institutions. From his controversial appointment as the chairman of Sony Sugar Board to his days as a member of KNH Board through which he got into the MTRH deal, Ojwang’ has over time mutated into a dangerous conman whose hands should not be let any close to public coffers.
Otherwise, what can you say of a man confesses that he intended to rob Kenyans 850m in a split second?
Raila Odinga’s former aide Miguna Miguna in his book ‘Pealing Back The Mask’ says that it is Herbert Ojwang who introduced a Mr Texeira to the former PM. The same Chinese investor is now at the centre of MTRH scam.
In a video tape released recently, the guy is heard complaining why he was kicked out of the hospital deal. He expresses his displeasure for receiving “5million only” begging the question; was the MTRH upgrade motivated by greed and the hunt for kickbacks or desire to improve the health wellbeing of Kenyans?

Kenyans are tired of wheeler dealers and influence handlers who work tirelessly to reap where they have not sown. People of Ojwang’s character have no place in our current society. It is very unfortunate that a person would be so selfish to scheme how to defraud money from such a noble project – MTRH project was meant to reduce the current strain on health facilities being experienced at KNH that has led to loss of lives.
Therefore, I would like to appeal to the Director of Public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko to move with speed and instigate an inquiry into the activities of Herbert Ojwang. Justice needs to take its course.


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