Huduma centres have revolutionized government service delivery

Since the launch of the first Huduma Kenya centre barely one year ago, Kenyans have witnessed a revolutionary paradigm shift in the provision of government services.
What else if I may ask can one say about the game changing centralisation of crucial services like the issuance of national IDs, birth certificates, student loan clearance certificates, passports, pupils’ pass, drivers licences, police abstracts as well as a police clearance certificates?
For the first time in Kenya, a person can be able to search for and register a business name, get a business permit as well as access government procurement oportunities with ease. These services will go a long way in creating a conducive business environment for local and foreign investors.
Unlike before when rampant corruption and counterproductive bureaucracy was a characteristic of Kenyan land registries, one can now be able to pay land rates, conduct land searches and receive title deeds at every Huduma centre across the country. This is a major boost to the numerous concerted efforts by relevant stakeholders seeking to help answer the land question – a major recipe for inter ethnic animosity that this country has witnessed over the years.
Also prioritized is citizenry social welfare with registration of welfare societies and self help groups happening faster and more easily. The centres are also playing a critical role in reduction of illiteracy levels by providing adult education services.
In addition NSSF and NHIF registration, statements claims and card replacements can all be accessed here.
On matters health, a person’s Body Mass Index, blood sugar, and blood pressure can all be monitored by specialists in these centres.
To cap it all, citizens now have a more reliable place closer to them where they can lodge their complains on discrimination based on tribe and religion, poor service delivery as well as report corruption cases.
Therefore, it is no rocket science to any independent mind that indeed, Huduma centres are turning out to be a worthy investment. In fact, the government should invest more resources to ensure that these centres are made bigger and better.

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