Give graduates jobs, then claim HELB repayment

February 21, 2019 0

Mr Chronicles Alvan Kinyua, CGP is a beneficiary of a HELB loan. Actually, without that loan, I am not sure my education would have been possible. You never know the importance of a HELB loan until you […]

Kiswahili’s feeble footprint on the sands of time

November 16, 2018 0

Guest blog post  By an anonymous writer The much carelessly and popularly bandied about impression that Kiswahili can and eventually will unite the eastern Africa region, or Africa as a whole, is mereapplesauce, misguided marketplace […]

On Mr Chronicles and why I don’t attend church

August 17, 2018 0

  For quite some time now, I have had an altercation with my close family members on matters regarding my religious faith…. Apparently, there are those who believe that attending church services is equivalent to […]

Of my shoe shiner who epitomizes passion

June 10, 2018 0

Every honest Nairobi man will concur with me on the fact that, one of the biggest ironies of his life is; he loves well polished shoes yet he hates doing the actual polishing. Kupaka viatu […]

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